Capital Punishment

A topic, which not only I, but millions of other people feel strongly about, is capital punishment.  Unfortunately though, we don’t all feel this way for the same reason and this is what I will be exploring in this essay.  I’ll firstly give sides to support capital punishment and I’ll also provide you with some of the opposition before finally stating my own opinion.

Firstly, I’ll give you some arguments for capital punishment.  The most common argument in favour of capital punishment is that it is a deterrent.  This is true, because in 1960, there were 56 executions and 9000 murders. By 1975 however, the death penalty had been abolished and there were 20000 murders, more than twice the amount in 1960.  This is, therefore, a valid argument as people who are maybe considering murder will think twice before actually doing it if they know they’ll die if they’re caught and the above statistics prove this.

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Another important argument in favour of capital punishment is the fact that it protects society.  If someone murders and is then taken away and killed, there is no chance of that person escaping or being released back into society and doing it again.  I think that communities would feel safer with capital punishment in place because of this and also because of the deterrent argument.

Capital punishment also shows how innocent life is valued by society.  Knowing that the government would kill someone who has hurt your family or friends to protect you is quite comforting and having ...

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