Matthew Hunt           English Coursework-Capital Punishment

   Many people have questioned the arguments both infavour and against the re-introductrion of the death penalty. The supporters for capital punishment say it will be a way of protection and it will be a deterence. Can we believe them? They say the criminal should get what they deserve and it makes economic sense. They say a lot of things, very ambitious ones at that. Luckily, I am not one of them. I very much hope that you are not too.

   I am shocked to hear that capital punishment still exists in many countries. Altogether there are 90 countries still using the death penalty for traditional crimes. Among those is the USA. The USA in my opinion the most advanced country in the world, still refuses to get with the times. This I find worrying. If the most powerful country in the world still use old-fashioned methods for sorting out problems how will they solve other disputes? We cannot just kill everyone we don’t like or disagree with. There needs to be a resolution.

   On Thursday 18th December 1969 the death penalty was abolished in the UK. This I believe was a great decision on behalf of the UK. Why should we change things now? The current situation in the UK is satisfactory. Murders and other violent crimes will always be commited. Can you name me one place there is not? Many overreact as soon as a murder is committed. We shouldn’t decide on the death penalty with a particular murder in mind.

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   One of the arguments of the people campaining for the death penalty is it will  be a deterence. The pro-capital punishment party believe a criminal will be put off from any serious violence. However, statistics show this does not happen. In Canada the death penalty was abolished in 1970. The supporters for capital punishment believed this would lead to a dramatic rise in violent crimes. We now know that this didn’t happen. The murder rate actually fell after the abolition of the death penalty. Therefore, this shows capital punishment is not a deterence.

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