Caring for the environment is the most important thing a religious person can do Discuss.

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“Caring for the environment is the most important thing a religious person can do”

Caring for the environment is very important for many religions. This is because they all believe that GOD created the planet and he gave them the responsibility as they were created in his image. They believe that GOD told the humans to make the world last forever. So the humans could use the resources but not abuse them or overuse them. This is called Stewardship. This is what prevents us from abusing nature as if we do we abuse GOD.

Christians and Jews believe in Stewardship as it is hinted in the Ten Commandments and also it is mentioned in the Bible and the Torah. They believe that GOD created the world so if we as humans destroy the planet we destroy GOD’s creations which he did not make us responsible for. Christians and Jews believe GOD created us in his own image so we need to be responsible and take care of the world. This is shown in the quote from the Bible; Deuteronomy 22:6 “"If you happen to find a bird's nest in a tree or on the ground, and there are young ones or eggs in it with the mother sitting in the nest, do not take the mother with the young.” Christians and Jews believe that they cannot do this as we are hurting GOD’s creations so we are hurting him. Christians and Jews also say that we are allowed to use the resources that GOD gave us as we are more superior to animals because we are in GOD’s image. So we can eat meat and experiment on animals as we are using them for our own advancements which is allowed as GOD wanted us to survive while using the animals as resources. Christians and Jews will think that they can do anything they want as they are the rulers of the planet because GOD made them in charge but extreme orthodox Christians and Jews say it’s wrong to abuse power because “ With power comes responsibility”

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Hindus would also agree with this statement because they also believe that GOD (Brahma) created them in his own image while creating the world and in the end he gave us the responsibility to look after the planet to make it last forever or until Lord Vishnu decides it time for Lord Shiva to destroy it. The Hindus also believe in things like Ahimsa, this is the idea of non-violence and harming no soul without a good reason. They also believe in Dharma, this means duties and one of the duties is to care for the environment. Reincarnation is another ...

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