Christian attitudes to the role of women in church

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8th October 2013

Christian attitudes to the roles of women in church.

(d)        ‘’Women should have equal roles in religion’’

(i)         Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

(ii)        Give reasons why others may disagree with you.

  1. I agree with this statement because the modern attitude of protestant Christianity teach that although Adam was said to be made first in the creation story, in Genesis 1 God says that he created male and female in the image of himself, and that he created both male and female at the same time. Therefore no Gender is more superior to another. Another reason that I believe women should have equal roles in religion is because St Paul teaches that neither male of female are within God. If this is the case men and woman should have equal rights. Finally it is evident from many Gospels that Jesus treated women this the most upright respect and as his equals. He preached in the Court of Woman in the Jerusalem Temple. He also had women disciples in which stayed by his side whilst he was at the cross unlike the male disciples who ran away. This teaches that woman are equally as reliable as men in religion and so should be allowed to take on all roles.
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  1. Others may disagree with my opinion because the Catholic domination teaches that although Jesus had women followers, he only chose men to be his 12 apostles. To Catholics this suggests that only men should lead in church as priests are meant to be the successors of the 12 disciples, so it is only right for men to be priests. They may also argue that during communion/mass the priest is said to represent Jesus. Jesus is told to be a man and so again the priest must be male for this theory to work. Traditional protestants may also add ...

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