Christian Perspectives - Euthanasia is the intentional killing of a person.

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Christian Perspectives 

Euthanasia is the intentional killing of a person. It is about giving a person an easy and gentle death; someone that is terminally ill would often want to have this type of treatment. Some people think euthanasia is right. Some people believe euthanasia is wrong and it is an act of killing. I am going to talk about euthanasia and determine what I think is right.

The word Euthanasia comes from two Greek words: 'Eu' which means good and 'thanatus' that means death, together this phrase means 'a good death'. Euthanasia is about making a choice about how to die. There are different types of euthanasia 'voluntary' and 'involuntary'. Voluntary Euthanasia is when someone gives their consent to end their life. It could be because they are under serious pain and cannot take the pressure anymore.

 Involuntary Euthanasia is when the people cannot make the decision themselves. A close friend or relative might want to make the decision for them. An example of involuntary euthanasia is if someone was in a coma for an extremely long time and hasn’t a very good chance of surviving or a baby that is only a few hours old that is in agony and will die in a matter of days.

There are different ways which euthanasia can be carried out ' active' and 'passive' euthanasia; there are two different meanings for passive euthanasia. Active Euthanasia is when deliberately the action has taken place to bring persons life to an end.

 The definitions for Passive Euthanasia are:

1. The removal of medical treatment from a person if it is there request. Death normally is the result of this.

2. Taking the patient away from care and supervision e.g. feeding, bathing etc. Death can also be the result of this too.

 Some people want to carry out euthanasia on them selves but don’t have the information to carry it through. This is when people turn to other people; this is called 'Assisted Suicide'. The helper will provide the ill person information, guidance and support. In some cases the person will turn to a doctor who will provide information and guidance on how to end their life. This is called  'Physician assisted suicide'. Doctors know a lot more information about ending your life painlessly. This is why physician assisted suicide is more common.

In the United Kingdom euthanasia is illegal, they use the same law as for murder. This law is a life sentence of imprisonment.  In some cases of 'mercy killing' they have charged the defendant with manslaughter. This is when a person kills or is agrees with someone else to kill someone who is suffering from a lot of pain. If a group of people decide to kill someone because they are terminally ill, then not one of them can be blamed because they all had a part in it and cant be prosecuted for there small part that did to cause the ill persons death. 

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 In the Netherlands euthanasia became acceptable in 1984 and in 2000 the Dutch parliament caste formally legalized the practice. Doctors were told it was to be under strict rules. This made the Netherlands the first country to legalize euthanasia. In some cases it is hard to determine whether euthanasia or murder has caused the death. Death is a complicated subject. You might think it is simple to determine whether someone is dead but there have been many queries about being brain dead. Some people argue that once you are brain dead your are dead. People ...

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