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Christian Views on Wealth & poverty

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Christian views on wealth and poverty So many people in the world seem to think that making money is the main purpose of their lives but this goes against the teaching in the Christian Bible. In Timothy 6,10; St. Paul teaches that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. He tells us that it is not money that is the root cause of all evil, but the emotions which one goes through when in the possession of money, makes them evil. The sensation of power overwhelms the person who has the money. Some who want to get rich, plunge into enticement and a trap into which many foolish and harmful desires plunge men into ruin and destruction. This dangerous love of money has distracted people from the teaching of Jesus and the Bible. Christians should take care that they keep the right perspectives about wealth. It should not tempt them away from their religious Christian lives. They should not be distracted by money to worship God. Jesus taught his disciples and people around him that you must always give to the less fortunate. And that being selfish and greedy with money will lead Christians away from God and achieving heaven upon death. According to Timothy 6,10, the further we stay from the obsession of money, the closer we will be to God. ...read more.


There is a famous saying by Jesus, "it is harder for a rich to go to heaven, than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle," this actually means; Jerusalem was a city guarded on all sides by walls. And the walls had openings in them to allow people to trade and move from in and out of the city. The narrowest of those openings/gates was called the Needle. And for the camels which carried goods on their backs to pass through, all of their goods had to be taken out for the camels to enter Jerusalem. The camels represent the rich men who want to enter the Heaven. And goods which have to taken off, are the valuable material possessions owned by the rich men. According to this phrase, a rich man (camel) would have to depart with his expensive objects in order to enter the kingdom of God (Jerusalem). In Matthew 25: 31-46, the proposition that there will be a apocalypse and a final judgement day is put forward. In which the Son of Man will decide whether the person deserves to be in Heaven, or should be banished to hell. There will, apparently be two sides made. On the right side, will be the righteous people who will go to heaven. ...read more.


In James 2: 14-17, Christians are taught to aid people through physical actions. For example; it is no use saying "I wish I could help you to do the laundry," but not performing the act physically. Faith without actions is dead. Christians must take steps to care for those in need of help. It is not enough to simply wish for good actions. Christians must take practical actions to make them happen. Overall, Christians are taught by their religion that; * the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. * To go to heaven, you need to be spiritually wealthy, and not wealthy in material objects. * They should keep worship to God as their top-priority, and trust that God will provide for them in the material world. * They must be prepared to give up everything in order to serve God. * If you take care others, it is the same as taking care of Jesus, and that you will be rewarded in heaven. * The correct use of wealth is to want to use it for the good of others and that this action must give you pleasure. * Everyone is their neighbour and that they should treat them with love and kindness. * It is not enough to wish for good actions. They should take practical actions to implement these good actions. * Wealth is a gift from God which should be used to help the people in need (poor). ...read more.

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