Christians and divorce

Christians and Divorce,

Western society in general has accepted divorce as a normal thing and does not treat divorced people as out casts anymore. This in turn seems to make it 'ok' to get divorced. Additionally, the influence of the Church, which overall still sees divorce as a last resort, has diminished more and more over the last few decades and therefore has to open up more and more to modern ways of thinking if it wants to be seen as tolerant and modern. The Queen of Great Britain is Head of the Church of England and three of her four children are divorced. This too might encourage people to see divorce as more normal and many people look up to the Royal Family and see them as role models.
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Nowadays, people see divorce as more acceptable than they would have done about thirty years ago. My opinion on divorce is that there is no right or wrong answer. It is a very personal decision to make. However, I believe that at the moment, divorce tends to be taken too lightly by too many people. For example many pop stars and film starts seem to get married and divorced very quickly and this again acts as a poor role model to other people.

People who are religious are less likely to get a divorce than those who ...

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