Core Theology Case Study - The word Euthanasia is a term applied to 'mercy killing.'

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Core Theology Case Study

The word Euthanasia is a term applied to ‘mercy killing.’ For the purpose of putting an end to extreme suffering, or saving abnormal babies, the mentally ill or the incurably sick from the prolongation, perhaps for many years, of a miserable life, which could impose too heavy a burden on their families or on society.  

Euthanasia is considered a highly controversial subject, and really brings the reality of the society we live in today, into the limelight.  In Britain today Euthanasia is illegal, and anyone who takes part in such activities is facing potential murder charges. Some European countries have legalised Euthanasia, such as Holland and Switzerland, and its more controversial that people leave their home countries to go die in another one, And the partners of those who help in the mercy killing could face charges when they return to their home country.

  What is more controversial is the fact that people are so desperate to rid themselves of their suffering that they’d go to these lengths. People around the world watching are trying to run away from the fact that whatever the people who are trying to kill themselves are going through they might also be facing in the future and refuse to considering what length they would go to. So the issue is not whether Euthanasia should be legalised but maybe that we need some social change where people feel comfortable with their lives and have something to look forward to, despite their unfortunate circumstances.        

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The article I have chosen I based on the Euthanasia of a physician’s patient, where the physician assisted in the mercy killing.  All qualified doctors have to take the Hippocratic oath to help their patients, not end their lives so this is going against doctrine principles not only those adopted by all major religions such as Catholic Christians.    

 ‘To some doctors the idea of assisting a patient in ending their life is repugnant.  Anne Rodway former deputy chairman of BMA says ‘ I want patients to know that I have a license to heal and not a ...

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