Creative writing- emotions and feelings- new experiences

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Creative writing- emotions and feelings- new experiences

As I walked out, the subtle, humid breeze swept past me, I looked around, it was like I had stepped into a different world. England was very different. The palm trees blew almost by their own accord and oranges and reds lined the horizon. The ruffling sound of plane engines getting ready to take off could be heard in the distance.

It was late night, but even in the absence of he sun in the sky, it was around 30C. We were led around to the adjacent side where we all crowded into a bus. The atmosphere was very lively; people were talking excitedly and hurriedly, as if once we got off the bus they wouldn’t be able to say anymore.

I wasn’t very anxious at all to see any of the places. We would go and see old buildings and places that tourists visit every year. The only feeling I felt was tiredness. I have never really been interested in history. I don’t get fascinated very easily, I didn’t expect anything special.

        We came upon our group rep. He was an average sized man, no more than 5 foot 8. He was wearing long brown shorts with a matching brown shirt and a ranger hat that shadowed his upper face so his eyes were hidden. His hair was a murky black colour and fell, rather untidily to his shoulders. He was rather uncanny to say the least

We were told that it would be a 15-minute journey to the Ship. It was followed by a jolly; “Sit back and enjoy the scenery.” The scenery was beautiful but only a taste of what we were to see there.

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It hit 3 o’clock when we arrived at the Cruiser, exhausted and excited we were very disheartened to hear that we had to get up at 7 o’clock the next morning! With only 4 hours sleep ahead of us and no time to explore the ship, we collapsed onto our beds and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next morning, people strolled slowly out of their rooms, their enthusiastic behaviour waning. Breakfast was eaten hastily and we all rushed into the bus for the first journey to the Temple of Khonsu at . It is located in  which is where the ...

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