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Cultural Diary

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Olga Lagowska Mr Hill English A 5 June 2009 Cultural Diary Introduction Before writing this essay, I have not even think about how many different cultures I am meeting in my everyday life. It is just amazing how many cultures I am interacting with. It is hard for me to say exactly what culture I am identifying myself with, because of the fact that the nowadays world is multi-cultural and the cultures are influencing each other in many ways. I would say that I mostly identify myself with the Polish culture and the Western culture. Of course since I am living in Sweden right now, the Swedish culture affects me too. However the Swedish culture is influenced so much by the Western culture that sometimes is hard to define what culture this particular event is coming from. Day #1 (Monday 25 May 2009) In my first log I am going to talk mostly about the people I am meeting with and how their cultures influence me and my every day. I am usually going to the Polish school on Mondays, so I am going to speak mostly about that part of my day; however I will also mention the regular school. At the beginning I am going to talk how I was affected in my regular school. This is an international school where people from all over the world meet. We are talking in English language what is a part of the English culture. ...read more.


It is sad but true. Day #2 (Tuesday 26 May 2009) I do like reading books and I do it in every language that I am learning and that I can. Reading books is the one of the best ways to improve the vocabulary and to get know what the language look like. It is also a good way to know what the people in that country are. The authors describe the country that they are connected to; e.g. where they lived. These descriptions of the countries are a good way to get know how the people in the country behave and what they like to do. I have always read a lot of books, due to the fact that my parents also read a lot. In that way I can imagine what the life in the other parts of the world look like. Since the world is so multi-cultural there are almost every book translated into English. So it is easy to read even the books of the authors from foreign countries. Through the books we can get knowledge about the country that we are interested about. I read plenty of Polish books since Polish is my first language and I do not have any difficulties in reading in that language. It makes the reading easier and gives more time to think about the book and what the author wanted to say through the book. Sometimes when you are reading in a foreign language that you are not feeling comfortable in, you pay more attention to understand the text and the language, rather than its meaning and the message that the author wants to give through the book. ...read more.


I try to divide up my free time in such a way that I have time to do both things. I try to e.g. read book while I am going to school on the train, and while I am walking home from the train I am listening to music. Thus I can experience the culture in both ways. Due to the fact that the world is so much international, I also listen to the American performers. I have some favorite bands that I like listening to and in that way I am experiencing the American culture also. I get to know what experiences the artists had, because they are singing about that. Day #4 (Thursday 28 May 2009) In the last part of my Culture Diary I would like to focus on food. When it comes to food, the problem becomes bigger than the music or the books. Food that I eat is really multi-cultural. My mother cooks really well and I like dishes that she prepares. However when it comes to judge which culture most of the everyday dishes comes from, it is hard to say. Of course during holidays like Christmas, my mother prepares traditional Polish food, but sometimes on our table comes also dishes from other cultures as well. On my every day I eat food from all over the world. I do like to eat almost everything what is eatable. Today I did not eat anything that comes from Polish culture. The dishes were mixed however there was nothing that is just in my culture; there was nothing specific for my culture. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lagowska 1 ...read more.

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