Describe Buddhist teaching about how people should treat the environment and animals.

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  1. Describe Buddhist teaching About How People Should Treat The Environment And Animals

Buddhists care for the environment and some are vegetarians, so the rate of suffering is reduced. They do not think it is right to kill another living thing for money or another person’s pleasure. This is a sign of Right (or perfect) intention, from the Eightfold Path. ‘Right Intention’ is a choice to follow the Eightfold Path, both for the sake of your freedom and eventual enlightenment, but also unselfish love for all beings. Buddhist’s believe that they should lead their lives by following the middle way, by only taking what you need and nothing more.

In this essay I am going to explore what Buddhists believe about how people should treat animals and the environment.

Buddhists believe that Buddhism has a strong link with the environment and animals.

There is a Buddhist principle, “the oneness of life and environment”. This principle means to take responsibility for everything around us in the environment, and that to make positive changes in our environment requires, a leap of faith.

Buddhists believe that nothing has a fixed self and nothing exists without that conditions which form it. It follows humankind cannot be separate from the rest of nature. When looking after the world surrounding we are looking after ourselves. Buddhists believe that everything in the environment is linked (anicca), it is like a network of conditions.

Nichiren Daishonin said, 'Environment is like the shadow, and life, the body. Without the body there can be no shadow' (Major Writings, Vol. 4, p. 146). This statement means that we should look after the environment, and if we do not and we die and so will the environment. Buddhists practice self-awareness, which means that they try to be aware of everything around them. When they are walking they carefully study the ground to make sure they do not tread on anything, and are careful with their action so they do not afflict any harm with others. Buddhists follow the law of Karma, which basically means that all actions have consequences, they also believe what they do in this life will affect their future life (re-birth), and enlightenment.

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Buddhists have principles for living, the first two are not to harm but to show loving kindness to all animals, and not to steal but only take what is offered and trying to be generous.

To live in harmony with nature is a crucial Buddhist practice. A lot of the time the actions which we use in conjunction with the environment rebel against the second precept (I undertake to abstain from taking what is not freely given). This can relate to our everyday lives aswell as a Buddhist. We should not take more than we need just like a ...

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