Describe Buddhist teachings about how people should treat the environment and animals

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R.E Buddhism Coursework – Part A

Describe Buddhist teachings about how people should treat the environment and animals

At the moment there are many terrible things going on in the world which are caused by the fault of humans and the way they treat the environment. For example the rain forests over the world have dramatically decreased in size due to the fact that humans continue to chop it all down, whilst knowing that rain forests are essential for oxygen. Also by chopping down the rain forests many different species of plants and animals are being wiped out. Buddhists are very against anything to do with harming the environment. Buddhists would never get involved with anything to do with harming the environment, for example you would never find a Buddhist helping or even justifying chopping down the rainforests. They do everything they can to preserve the earth that they are so grateful to live on.

Another aspect of the environment is that humans are harming is by polluting the world. The main factors that are polluting the world are factories and vehicles.

This is a quote by W.O Cole

“Modern Buddhists believe that being socially involved to protect our environment simply neglecting, destroying and polluting our planet will result in people living on a neglected and polluted planet because of the Laws of Karma”

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Buddhists are also very keen to keep the environment clean and healthy as the Buddha spent most of his time out with nature and due to this they try to preserve his life as best they can.
This is a quote written by Donald Swearer:

“Today Buddhist environmental activists point out that important events in the Buddha’s life occur in nature: he was born, attained enlightenment and died under the trees. Buddhist Viharas traditionally have been situated in the forests away from the hustle and bustle of city life”

Buddhist believe that they should treat the world with ...

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