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Describe the Variety of specifically religious programmes on the main television channels:

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A (i): Describe the Variety of specifically religious programmes on the main television channels: In my coursework I will investigate the relationship between Religion and the media. I will also look at how religion is portrayed in different types of programmes and will investigate whether TV influences what we think of religion. The information that we receive is not always accurate because if there is someone talking about Christianity then it does not mean that they are telling the audience what all Christians believe but they could be telling what some or most Christians believe as in one religion there can be followers with a many different beliefs. The same goes for any religion and if a person is giving an interview about a religion and does not belong to that religion it does not mean that it's absolutely correct. These interviews can sometimes create a stereotypical idea of a religion in our minds and it is not correct to do this, yet it is justified that someone should have an idea of a religion but not necessarily have a stereotype. Sometimes, the information can be reliable but not necessarily accurate because there can always be research carried out to find out more information that we have received. In certain television programmed there is also not enough time to go into too much detail and be able to know the whole information and so sometimes research does have to be carried out. There are many types of television programmes aired on television especially on a Sunday this is probably because a Sunday is commonly known as a Worship day known for the Christians as the "Sabbath" and one of the very famous programmes aired on TV is called "Songs of praise" which is shown on ITV in BBC1. Worship programmes are shown regularly on many channels such as Morning worship is shown at 8.10 am. ...read more.


The soap is literally telling us that why should you die a hurtful death filled with sadness and upset people when you have the solution right there for you need to meet the doctors, tell them that you have had enough of your life that you can not endure the pain anymore as death is shown as, nothing to worry about and no stress whatsoever. Christians oppose with the whole idea of Euthanasia because they believe all human life is made by God. God created every person, whether sick, healthy, disabled or able-bodied. Christians believe euthanasia is equivalent to murder as mentioned in the Bible. Christians believe that in a way we do not own our bodies. In the New Testament, Paul says 'You do not belong to yourself.' Christians believe only God has a right to give or take a life. They believe that God has a plan for our life, even when we are suffering. Even if we think our life has finished, Christians believe God can use our life. However there is a minority of Christians who accept Euthanasia. They say that there is nothing in the Bible which states that a person must be kept alive at all costs. Jesus summarized the commandments of the Bible with the two Great Commandments - 'Love God' and 'Love your neighbour as yourself'. These Christians say that sometimes it is the most loving thing to do to allow a terminally ill patient to have euthanasia. I personally think that euthanasia is wrong and should not be legal in any country. If God has granted us life, it is for a reason and we should make use of that and take advantage of the things we possess and have control over. We should make ourselves useful and not mourn over things but we should think about the individuals who will give up anything to live the lives we are living and as the Prophet Mohammad (saw) ...read more.


It is more about individual perspective about religion in the media because some people think that it some religions are portrayed inappropriately such as the "Vicar of Dibley" because that might make other religions think that Christians are not bothered of the purity of their religious posts. However, many characters in the variety of shows screened on terrestrial television today are seen by many as 'out of touch'. By this it is meant that they are not willing to accept change and stick by their true traditional views. With today's world ever changing it means that 'out of touch' people are made rare and are criticized more. Society today does not wait for people to catch up, and is leaving those who have pessimistic ideas behind. The changing world is ready for change and is so accepting change that is for the better and in some cases the worst. Quite simply someone who is 'in touch' is the opposite of an 'out of touch' person. If they are 'in-touch' then they can appreciate things that are changing. I would look upon people like the Pope and Michael Willis as people who are 'out of touch' for the reasons that they prefer to stick to the truly traditional views and that they have very backward opinions. Some fictional people in today's world who I would see as being 'out of touch' are Dot Cotton (from East enders) and Harold Bishop (from Neighbours), I think this because they are both slightly older and the television programs that they are in portray them as being too old to know any better. People Ned Flanders (from The Simpson's) is seen as being 'in-touch' because he can bring humour into religion. Sports man Jonathon Edwards is an Olympic medal holder in his area of sport, the triple jump. Jonathon Edwards has made his religion of Christianity an important factor of his life, with the issues being things that are of great meaning and importance to him. His sporting career is something that relates to his religion in some ways but not in others. ...read more.

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