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We were all excited about our upcoming trip to Ramappa, which is located in Warangal District of Andhra Pradesh in India. Ramappa is named after a renowned sculptor who was the master builder of the famous temple in Ramappa, built during the reign of the Kakatiya emperors. It is a well known tourist resort but due to its distance from Hyderabad, the closest city, very few tourists come. There are numerous ancient temples built by the Kakatiya kings 5-6 centuries ago. The hills are dotted with the standing or fallen remains of ancient temples, carved out of large pieces of granite which were built by the Kakitya Kings. When you are in Ramappa and are visiting one of the temples, you feel as if you are in another time and place.

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As we enter the small village of Ramappa, the stately palm trees standing tall on either side of the small dusty road seem to give us a grand welcome. Ramappa is surrounded by emerald green hills covered by a variety of trees from coconut and tamarind, to mangoes, neem and teak. With the lake as a water source, there are many paddy fields dressed in shimmering green, row upon row, seeming to welcome the rising sun. As we drive slowly towards  the tourist bungalow (where we plan to stay for the night), we notice an island nestled on the ...

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