Did God Create The World or was it Created by Chance?

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Did God Create The World or was it Created by Chance

 Many atheists argue that religious believers have blind faith ,but does it not take blind faith to believe that DNA and cells were created by chance. The DNA is too complicated to have just been created by chance. Think of the dictionary, if I told someone that I thought the dictionary was created by chance over billions of years ago you would think I was insane. Remember the second law of Thermodynamics- High Complexity equals low Entropy and Low Complexity equals high entropy. This means the more complex something is the more organised it will be. So in the beginning there was low complexity so must have meant high entropy or chaos, well then how was the earth created with such low complexity and such little apparent chaos. Also how does a DNA get created by chance if it comes from nothing. Years ago microscopes were useless and when you looked at a cell you would just see a blob. It could be easy to think that this blob came by accident.

Which leads me to my second point how can something be created from nothing. In the beginning there was nothing and now according to many scientists there is everything. By everything I mean the earth and the universe. In living cells the catalysts are enzymes. In the 1980s there was another kind of enzyme found, this was the RNA molecule. The RNA molecule (which is also a carrier of genetic information and a catalyst) or ribozyme sped up the making of the basic DNA and protein. But even including this assuming a ribosome is 300 nucleotides long and every nucleotide has 4 types of different nucleotides on it the calculation would 4^300 which is a number far too great to have taken even 13 billion years to do let alone 4.54 billion years.

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Other people besides creationist do not believe the Big Bang. Some people who want to deny God might say the Intelligent Design Theorywhich states cells need a designer they are far too complex to have happened randomly. Think of it this way Darwins Black Boxwhich is a microscopic machine which was created to move the little flagellum a little bit took many years to create and was very complex it should be even harder to make everything else in the bacterium and to say it was created by chance would be preposterous.

Opponents to Intelligent Theory Design ...

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