Discuss the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today.

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GCSE Religious Studies Coursework 2003


Robert Allen



Religious Studies Coursework Questions

Healing Miracles

Section A

I) What is meant by the term miracle?

ii) Describe how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles in Luke’s Gospel.  Give examples from Luke’s Gospel.

Section B

Discuss the importance of the healing miracles of Jesus for Christian life today

Section C

“Healing miracles do not happen today.”  Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.


The healing miracles of Jesus are the most important miracles he did.  This is because they happened to ordinary, everyday people such as the woman with hemorrhages and also to wealthier people such as the Centurion’s servant.

These healing miracles are important as they teach Christians how to go about their lives today.  When Christians read about these miracles in the Bible they see God’s power and this strengthens their faith.  Today’s Christians are then urged to go out and evangelize the word of God.  This could be done by perhaps going on a mission trip with a church or charity to a poorer, needy country such as Taiwan where there is very little Christian worship and most people take a choice out of the world’s religions to suit their needs.

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When Christians read the healing miracles of Jesus they recognize God’s power and they desire to seek a more active faith.  The miracles do not produce faith but they develop existing faith.  A Christian may actively seek salvation which can be found by using the words in the Bible or in prayer

Also when Christians recognize God’s power they may seek wholeness of body, mind and soul, which is required to get into heaven by all Christians.

When Christians read about Jesus’ healing miracles they want to do as Jesus did and help others around them in ...

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