divorce is never right

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There are many causes of divorce. A director of the Family studies centre, named Malcolm Wickes stated that ‘The causes of divorce spring from fundamental social, economic and psychological developments that are occurring world wide.’ Sometimes divorce cannot be prevented and the irreconcilable differences cannot be overlooked. This is a problem for many religions and ethnic communities as several believe that divorce is always iniquitous.

 The law has a serious view on divorce and so if the couple wish to have a divorce they must prove that their marriage is completely beyond any repair. With these grounds for divorce they will then be given a decree nisi and the separation will take up to 6 months. The law is indifferent to where they may marry again, divorce is still viewed by the state as a serious affair and they recognise the broken relationship.

In the Bible, there are numerous views on divorce. These are extremely varied and the teachings of the church are equally divided. In the Old Testament a man was allowed to divorce his wife simply if he found ‘no favour’ in her. In the New Testament both proclamations contradict themselves: one is that ‘man must not separate …what God had joined together’ in Mark 10:9. For this particular reason, many traditional Christian churches refuse to remarry divorced people in a church, although they can marry in a registry office with the ‘blessing’ of the church. This is because divorce is seen as a misdemeanour in the eyes of God.  However, in Matthew another statement declares that ‘If anyone divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness…” Some believe that there are these conflicting opinions about divorce perhaps because Mark saw marital unfaithfulness as such an obvious reason for divorce that he did not deem it worthy to mention.

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The church of England does not completely agree with divorce , but recognises that the differences in a relation can sometimes not be reconciled, even if they have attended couceling. Therefore, divorce is the only option. The Roman Catholic Church however is stricter in its approach. Divorce is not even considered as marriage between two baptised people is a sacrament that should not be broken. However, a marriage where only one partner is baptised can be 'dissolved' but only under special circumstances in other words there is a just reason such as impotence.

   The Catholic Church believes that divorce cannot ...

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