Does God Exist?

This is quite a difficult topic and hence there are many views and issues on it. Some people who do not believe in God are called atheists they mainly use these ideas to prove that god does not exist, The Big bang, Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest ideas and his evolution idea. People who do believe in god are called theists they use these ideas to prove that god does exist, First Cause and St Thomas Aquinas, Design argument of Paley and Newton and Religious experiences. There are also people called agnostics they are unsure about the existence of god and at times believe it is impossible to know about god’s existence. Definition of an agnostic is someone who disclaims both ("strong") atheism and theism, and who believed that the question of whether a higher power existed was unsolved and insoluble. Another way of putting it is that an agnostic is someone who believes that we do not know for sure whether God exists. Some agnostics believe that we can never know.            

One of the main reasons to believe in god (theist) is because of the first cause argument designed by St Thomas Aquinas. St Thomas Aquinas said that things could not cause themselves to come into existence so something has to cause them. The universe exists and therefore must have been caused by something outside of the universe. He argued that the first cause of the universe was God and that god is uncaused so he doesn’t have to have a cause. If someone keeps asking but what caused that over and over it is technically known as an infinite regress and the solution to this is as I have already said is that God is uncaused and he caused everything e.g. the existence of the universe.

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Another reason to believe in God (theist) is the design argument the design argument was first created by William Paley who used Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity to help support his theory. This theory was that the universe is too ordered and complicated to have come about by random chance and must have been designed. The argument states that god was this designer. The majority of Christians believe that the genesis account of creation supports the design argument, because it goes along with the way that god created the world in stages. William Paley said that if we found ...

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