Does screen violence influence people?Discuss.

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Does screen violence influence people?


Screen violence is often violence used to entertain like in the motion pictures or in television programs but it can also be in the news for information purposes. I will mainly be looking at violence in the movies and how it affects young children. Some people think violence on screen is educational while others think that it has a negative effect on people. I will look at the facts then, in the conclusion I will give my own opinion on the subject

People think that screen violence is educational and that it represents reality. The argument is that if they show children violence then they will know that it is wrong. It is often felt that it is reality and that fights and murders do happen so by showing this to children it will prepare them for life. The strongest argument is that it is entertaining. Millions of people every week go to see a violent or horror movie. The shocks and tension created raises the heartbeat and heightens awareness. People can become absorbed in the story line and characters but they know that it is a movie and that it’s not real. Others do not feel that this true however. They believe that some people, especially young children, find it hard to distinguish between reality and realism. Screenwriters have been trained to make anger more appealing and exciting so it is often teamed with sex and your favourite actors. Take Tomb Raider, this had a twelve rating, it also had Angelina Joli to make it more entertaining. Also, the majority of people say, “it’s just a movie” or “how can that be real? No-one does that!” so they feel that it is unbelievable.

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 Screen violence has never produced a 100% link to other violence. So people say that it’s a little link to a big problem they feel that although it may effect children it is not the direct cause of trauma or stress- quite the opposite, in fact, it is felt that watching violence calms people and removes anger. One of the arguments against screen violence is that people don’t understand it. This, to many people, is not true because we have film censorship, which shows an understanding of violence and it’s effects.

        Lots of people however, feel that screen violence is ...

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