Domestic Violence Effect on Children

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Domestic Violence Effect on Children

Domestic Violence Effect on Children

CRJ260C Family Violence


July 26, 2005

        Domestic violence affects many individuals in America. The most profound population domestic violence impacts the most is children. This essay will focus on the short and long-term impact that domestic violence has on children as they grow into adult hood.

There has been a growing concern about domestic violence in our society in the last twenty years. Even more so the impact that some individuals are at higher risk for victimization than others. Domestic violence has an adverse affects on individuals, families and society as a whole. (Domestic Violence)

        Domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological and abuse to property and pets. (Gosselin p9) Individuals who witness such abuse can have life long problems. Some of the issues include vulnerability, helplessness, and severe cases of horror. (Domestic violence It’s affect on Children) Physical abuse refers to any behavior that involves the intentional use of forces against the body of another person that risk physical injury, harm and/ or pain. (Gosselin)

        The goal of domestic violence is to establish and maintain power and control. Approximately 95% of reported domestic violence cases are male batterers and female victims. Most of which involve children in the homes. (Gosselin) Although public awareness has dramatically increased many domestic violence cases go underreported and misunderstood. (Who Witness Domestic Violence)

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        A child who sees a parent or other family members abused is more likely to see violence as a way to solve problems and eventually be more likely to abuse others. Whether or not the child witnessed the abuse or the abuse is not openly discussed. A child can detect if tension, anger or violence is in the home. Regardless of how much effort is made to shield a child by taking the violence to a private area and keeping it secret, when a mother is being battered the child becomes a victim as well. (Domestic Violence)

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