Domestic Violence Is On The Increase According To Many Media Sources

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Sam Humphreys Sociology GCSE Course Work

Domestic Violence Is On The Increase According To Many Media Sources

The aim of this study is to investigate as to whether the above statement is true.  To be able to do this I will need to investigate the statistics that are available from various sources, but first I must develop a hypothesis that I can prove or disprove.  The hypothesis I have chosen is as follows.

“The crime of Domestic Violence is on the increase the proof according to the Media is that more cases are being reported to the Police, Refuges and Help Lines so is there an actual increase or are people feeling more enabled to seek help”.

One of the first things to be discussed is what is domestic violence.  The term domestic violence has been adopted in everyday use to describe what used to be called family violence, spouse abuse, domestic disputes battered women etc.  It was adopted because as Smith in 1990 suggested it suggests that there is actual violence not some minor dispute and that it is occurring in circumstances where people should feel safe ie in the home.

“It has been suggested that the terms ‘disputes’ and ‘abuse’ can underplay the violence involved and thus serve to mask or trivialise the problem.  To talk of battered women or battered wives is at once both too wide and too narrow.  The former, despite popular use could be criticised for its possible ambiguity – for failing to distinguish adequately that the violence occurs within the contents of private relationships – while the latter might be taken to preclude relationships falling outside the marriage contract.  Both preclude the possibility of men being victims: the term ‘domestic violence’ does not.

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Hillary Armstrong the then Minster of Housing stated in the summer of 1998 that she intended to highlight the growing problem of domestic violence and to help those who suffered as a result of it. It must be remembered that domestic violence is by no means a new phenomenon.  As Smith in 1990 indicates one of the first recorded incidences of it was in 1395 when Margaret Neffield introduced witnesses on her behalf in from of an ecclesiastical court to testify that her husband had attacked her with a dagger and broken several of her bones.  Despite overwhelming ...

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