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Earth Summits are all talk and no action Do you agree?

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'Earth Summits are all talk and no action' Do you agree? An Earth Summit is a global conference where political leaders of each country decide the best way to look after the Earth and to live a sustainable life. These political leaders are of different religions, cultures and backgrounds so their views will differ and sometimes, there is no result to Earth Summits. This essay will question if Earth Summits help us to look after the Earth or if they truly are 'all talk'. On one hand, people may disagree with the statement because over the recent decades, we have become more aware of increasing damage to the environment and a widening global gap between the rich and the poor. Governments have learnt ways to become more sustainable and have many policies that show this. They also promote a clear understanding of, and commitment to, sustainable development so that all people can contribute to the overall goal through their individual decisions. ...read more.


In like manner thou shalt deal with thy vineyard, and with thy oliveyard." There are also many charities and organisations that are trying to help the environment as a result of the recent Earth Summits. A major charity is Defra, who take steps towards sustainable development. Defra has been given the job of championing sustainable development across the country. The fact that, sometimes, there is no results at summits encourages other individuals, organisations, and governments to pay more attention. Therefore, some people believe that Earth Summits are creators of action by raising awareness within the global community. On the other hand, people may agree with the statement because no realistic target is made after the Earth Summits and there is nothing to learn from a group of politicians with different views each voicing them with similar amounts of conviction. ...read more.


Personally, I believe that Earth Summits are important to understand other people's views on the environment and how we should live sustainably. The impact of Earth Summits not having an end result puts governments under great pressure - they know what to do, but not how to do it. Therefore, I think it is important that Earth Summits have end results as this would educate governments, charities, and individuals on how to cope with the current ecological crisis. However, there are many charities which can carry on working without an end result of an Earth Summit. There are people who think that an undecided Earth Summit will encourage the global population to help the Earth and subconsciously educate them about sustainable development. As a result of this, it is my belief that Earth Summits always have an end result, therefore I disagree with the statement. No matter how small this action may be, it will aid the population in looking after Planet Earth. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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