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Essay on the mosque

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Essay on the mosque 2. a) Describe the main features of a mosque. (8 marks) The mosque is the holy place of worship for Muslims. In Arabic, it is called masjid, which means place of prostration. The main features are split into external features and internal features. The external features consist of the dome shaped roof. The dome shaped roof amplifies the voice of the Imam (prayer leader) and allows the sir to circulate inside the mosque. It also encourages a calm and powerful atmosphere and it represents the universe and how only Allah has control because he is the creator. The minaret is a tower where the muezzin gives the call to prayer (adhan) from. Many mosques have more than one minaret and in the past it was used as a landmark to guide travelers and is symbolic because Allah is guiding his people to him. The final feature outside is the star and crescent. The star and crescent is usually situated above the dome and the minaret. ...read more.


The minbar is the only piece of furniture required in a mosque. It is similar to a pulpit and can be beautifully decorated or plain and simple. It is raised so that the Imam can be seen heard when he preaches his sermon. Also, in a mosque there is calligraphy writing that decorates the walls of the mosque with passages from the Quran and the Shahadah. It is a reminder to the Muslims of the importance of Allah's words. It also expresses the divine presence of God. Another feature of the mosque is the arabesque decoration. It consists of geometric designs and reminds the worshipper that Allah has created an ordered and balanced universe. It also reminds worshippers of the unity of Muslims around the world. b) Explain why there are no pictures of Muhammed or Allah in a mosque. (7 marks) In Islam, there are no pictures in a mosque of Muhammed as he is seen as the prophet of Allah and is respected. There are no pictures in a mosque of Allah as it is seen as idolatry and Allah cannot be seen because he is everywhere and is beyond human imagination. ...read more.


Also, the day is and opportunity to unite Muslims and strengthen the faith and keep the traditions of the faith alive. Some Muslims would disagree with this statement because being a Muslim is to submit yourself to God and going to the mosque every Friday does not show that. Practicing and observing the five pillars is how to submit oneself to God and being a true Muslim is not all about just going to the mosque. Men usually always go to the mosque whereas women hardly ever because they practice the faith at home and have the duty of teaching the children the faith, but by doing this, it does not make the women any less of a true Muslim than men because they do not go to Friday prayers. However, I think that being a true Muslim is not about going to the mosque and performing the Friday prayer. There is more to the religion, because Islam, like any other religion, is a 24 hours 365 day religion and submitting yourself to God is not necessarily shown by going to the mosque every Friday but by observing the five pillars. Zainab Abed ...read more.

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