"Euthanasia can be right in some circumstances".

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"Euthanasia can be right in some circumstances"

By Andrew Scuoler

Many people believe euthanasia to be acceptable while others absolutely condemn it. There are moral implications and religious beliefs surrounding the issue that influence peoples' opinions. Is euthanasia a sign of the times, or is it just unethical? This essay will into account all points of view and will decide whether, in some circumstances, euthanasia is right.

People in favour of euthanasia argue that people have the right to decide whether they die or not. They believe that if they are allowed to smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol and do other harmful things they should be able to decide when to die if the suffering becomes unbearable. Many people would say that it is immoral to prolong a person's pain when there is no hope. Not carrying out euthanasia can be agonising for the patient and incredibly upsetting for friends and family to watch their loved one die a slow and painful death. In some cases relatives are so upset that they cannot visit the patient. Lots of people support euthanasia because they feel it saves a lot pain, grief and anguish.

There are a large number of people with incurable diseases who know that their condition will extend to the loss of their bodily functions. It is understandable that someone would want to die before they have to bathed and taken to the toilet by anyone else. People want to retain their dignity when they die and want to be remembered as they spent the majority of their life, and not just their final months when someone else has to everything else for them. These people believe it is their right to die before their condition rapidly declines and that dying a couple of months early does not matter.
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Christians who support euthanasia would argue that Jesus would have condoned it. They believe this to be the case as Jesus showed compassion and didn't want people to suffer. They say that euthanasia is compassion as is it is kinder to let someone go than to keep them alive and prolong their misery. The Bible does not mention euthanasia so there is no definitive Biblical teaching, but it is very hard to believe that Jesus would rather make someone's pain last longer than to end it and let them die.

Most Christians however, do refer the Bible ...

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