Explain different Christian beliefs about life after death

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Explain different Christian beliefs about life after death (33)

The term “afterlife” is interpreted as “continuation of existence, typically spiritual and experiential, beyond this world after death”. The concept of life after death is eschatological as the topic is related to the end of time. Many different religions have their own theories on what happens after death including the Christian idea of heaven and hell, or the Buddhist theory of rebirth, but atheists believe that at death one ceases to exist. There is no afterlife or eternal soul that continues in eternity. All there is to look forward to, is our inevitable death, the future death of mankind, and the universe.

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Trying to explain life after death is important to many people, typically for two reasons; a) It has a major influence on life now, especially on people’s behaviour and actions within their everyday life; and b) it could provide proof on whether or not God exists, and which religion is right.

The general Christian view on life after death is that human souls go on for eternity to a place of happiness or torment, heaven and hell respectively, and this is part of their faith. Most Christians believe the soul to be the immortal essence of a human, and ...

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