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Explain the religious activities that Christians take part in when they go in pilgrimage? Refer to two places of pilgrimage in your answer?

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AO1: Pilgrimage by Sanamdeep Aujla Explain the religious activities that Christians take part in when they go in pilgrimage? Refer to two places of pilgrimage in your answer? Pilgrimage is defined to a journey to a holy and sacred place where people show their devotion to their faith. For this assignment, I will do a great deal of research from different sources on Christian pilgrimage ,allowing me to examine the different religious activities that Christians take part in when they go on a pilgrimage. Firstly, I will discuss a brief history upon Christian pilgrimage. The idea behind pilgrimage has been thought of in many different ways throughout time, but all that Christians know of is that pilgrimage originated from ancient Rome. Saint Helena, the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine found a Cross which was thought by Christians ,as the true cross upon which Jesus was crucified. ...read more.


The main attraction to Lourdes is for healing purposes. There are twenty mysteries reflected on the Rosary which are based on the incidents on the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary that are celebrated in the Liturgy. The water at Lourdes consists of special healing powers where people are miraculously cured from their diseases. Pilgrims bottle the water and take it home for those who are disabled and were unable to make the trip. At Lourdes, people can experience a feeling of peacefulness in God's presence. The pilgrims whom bath in the spring, wear special robes so that when they get out, there can get into their clothes without drying themselves which is an essential part of the bathing. I will now refer to the holy land, Christians of all nations and traditions visit the holy land when it is safe to do so, it is the place where Jesus lived and taught. ...read more.


Elsewhere in the Holy land Christians may want to visit the river Jordon and collect some water from the river in which Jesus was baptized. Nazareth is another option, this is a place where Jesus grew up and a modern church covers the traditional site of the place where the Holy Family lived. Eucharist can be celebrated at the alters near the Sea of Galilee. Overall, I believe that Christians travel to pilgrimages to step aside from the day to day life to focus more strongly on their faith. At pilgrimages Christians can share their beliefs with other Christians from other countries. By this their faith is strengthened as they are becoming more aware that they are part of a worldwide fellowship. Some Christians may find their attitude to their faith does not change at all, hence continuing spiritually as though the pilgrimage had never happened. ...read more.

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