Explain what Christian teachings might be used in the discussion about Euthanasia.

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GSCE Religious Studies


Paper 2-Christian Perspectives on personal, social and

World issues

A2- Explain what Christian teachings might be used in the discussion about Euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a Greek word that translates into English to mean a ‘good, easy death.’

The main points addressed by the people opposed to euthanasia. One main point is that euthanasia activists have dropped references to terminal illness, replacing them with such phrases as "hopelessly ill," "desperately ill," "incurably ill," "hopeless condition," and "meaningless life." Another point is that we as humans don’t have the right to take another human beings life and god didn’t create humans to kill each other.

The argument of euthanasia is not just peoples point of view, Christian teachings can be used to explain euthanasia and if it is right or wrong.

These 5 Christian teachings will help explain the discussion of Euthanasia:

  1. Progress in medicine means that doctors are able to cure more illness and people live longer. Old people wonder about asking for an ‘easy death’ so that they can keep their human dignity. The life, death and resurrection of Christ have been given a new meaning to death for a Christian. This declaration is about the human rights of a person concerning their death.
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The value of human life: God’s people see life as a gift of his love. Therefore-

  • No-one should try to take the life of an innocent person.
  • Life is a trust given to a person, talent meant to increase.
  • Intentional suicide is as wrong as murder. It is a rejection of God’s plan of love. It is also a refusal to love themselves and others, but sometimes there is no responsibility when the person’s mental state diminishes their blame.

Life is a gift from God. Death is unavoidable. Death should be accepted with dignity and responsibility. Christ said ...

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