"Forever" by M6 Theatre Company.

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“Forever” by M6 Theatre Company

       To gain experience and ideas about theatre productions we must watch several genres and styles of productions.  A theatre in Education Company gave a performance of a play called “Forever”. Their aim is to provide an experience for children that will be intensely absorbing, challenging, even provocative, and an unrivalled stimulus for further work on the chosen subject in and out of school.

      The staging used was kept as a few simple boards to create the rooms within the play. The play didn’t require more detailed staging as the production was their to raise awareness in a specific area.  The simple staging and setting made the message clearer.

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      The narrative of the play was about the life of an unwanted baby and how it felt when it was old enough to understand. The play ends with the unwanted baby who is now a man faced with the same situation a pregnancy in a non-loving relationship. The play was divided in to different times, the protagonist would character change to a baby for the scenes in the past and back to a man when scenes where set in the present. A clever technique was used to make the character changes more obvious. The sound of a ...

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