Gandhi’s non–Violence Peace Protests – Is This the right way to fight against evil?

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        In class we watched the film ‘Gandhi’ and his experiences in South Africa. The film explores how Gandhi developed the idea of non – violence as a way of putting things right that are wrong. In South Africa, Asians were being treated much different to those who were white. The Asians were being treated much worse as they had to carry an ID card with them everywhere they went. Gandhi was appalled by this and wanted to fight against these issues. To do this however he would be fighting against the British Empire.

Gandhi was a man who stood for what he believed in, and he demonstrated this by calling a meeting. In this meeting he burned the passes (IDs) to show he was against it. The policemen who were there at the meeting began to beet Gandhi and his associates for this course of action. When the policemen began to beat Gandhi, Gandhi did not fight back as he believed in non – violence protesting. Gandhi still refused to fight back (physically) because Gandhi believed in a Christian teaching, which was ‘If a man hits you on the right cheek, let him hit you on the left cheek’. What this means is that no matter how much someone encourages you to fight back (physically), you will refuse to fight back. Even when Gandhi was beaten to the floor, he still continued to burn the passes as he received more beets from the policeman. This showed that Gandhi would stand for what he believed in until he was down to his last ounce of strength. Gandhi’s view was that if the police had killed him then they would only have his dead body and not his obedience. Even though Gandhi was a Hindu he still believed that the Christian Bible showed a way forward.

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At another meeting that Gandhi held, there were much more turn ups than the previous meeting which showed he had made an immense impact. At this meeting Gandhi made a speech, and at that end he wanted to know who would stand by him. Then one by one someone stood up showing that they would stand by him, until eventually everyone did stand up and showed that they would stand by Gandhi. One of the Asians that stood here at the meeting threatened aloud to kill a white person who caused his family trouble. Everyone agreed with that person and ...

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