give account of the social and religious conditions in northern India at the time of the Buddha.

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Give an account of the social and religious conditions in northern India at the time of the Buddha.

In the time of the Buddha economic developments began to increase . the introduction of iron plough shares and other tools produced agriculture surpluses which led to prosperity and strong trade. The period is characterised by the growth of large towns and the first use of money. one of the main effects of these changes was the creation of new professions, such as trade officials and traders, which had no place in the ancient class system. Life in northern India improved at this time.

        Population increased dramatically at this time and also the economic growth increase. Nuns and monks depended on ordinary people to help them for food and equipment. It is therefore arguable that urban development was pre-condition for the growth of Buddhist monasteries.

          People still believed in the four casts although many people did start to take less notice of the casts due to his teachings, but there were still the poor and the rich and there was plenty of poverty and suffering and many men devoted there life to faiths mainly Buddhism due to the impact of the Buddha.

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        The status of women was still unclear. Socially a women’s was would be determined by her birth just as for men and she would marry in her class. However women did not directly wield power politically and it is possible women weren’t treated equal when it come to religion.

        During the time of the Buddha there were many other religions. Hinduism probably the biggest religion which evolved from the Vedic religion. Hinduism at the time of the Buddha believed in casts and reincarnation.

        Another religion which started around the same time as Buddhism was Jainism. Mahavariva the jain leader lived ...

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