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God,life and death

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God Supreme being Ultimate reality The One behind everything Deity The Divine Lord The One who directs or guides a believer's life He is the ruler of the world and of heaven He is equal to God, his father Redeemer The One who pays the ransom price to set others free The bringer of forgiveness The One who gives eternal life Agnostic A person who believes it is not possible to know whether or not God exists Atheist Someone who does not believe in God Awe A sense of fear and at the same time reverence Completely overwhelmed by a sense of God's presence So struck by something that you are left almost breathless and speechless Revelation Taking away whatever hides knowledge and understanding about something Euthanasia 'gentle death' Monotheistic Belief in One God Key Words What is God like? * A great architect - He created the universe * A judge - He decides what happens to us after death * Omniscient - All seeing (He sees & knows everything) * Omnipresent - He is everywhere at once * Omnipotent - All powerful * Benevolent - Kind & caring * The Father - Cares for us (his children) ...read more.


* Religious people believe you have to answer to God on Judgement Day at the end of the world. Euthanasia The Christian View Christians all agree on - Life is a free gift from God & has great value Every person should be able to live & die in dignity Non Conformist Churches Baptists & Methodists - allowed if patient is terminally ill are not looked after properly = loneliness, no support off family or friends etc The Church of England 1. Sanctity of Life = very important 2. Quality of life = important. If 'brain dead' switch off the respirators A statement in 1992 - decisions should be made with patient & relatives. More than 1 doctor should be involved. The Roman Catholic Church > All life is sacred = NO to Euthanasia > It is murder > We should 'play' God > 1 Corinthians 10:13 - People are tempted to look for the easy way out. God will provide a way of getting through it. The Jewish View o Unacceptable o Against the will of God o A gift from God o Jewish teachings say they should never deliberately shorten a life. ...read more.


Priest wear white robes = colour associated with life after death & the resurrection of the body. Funeral service is called a Requiem Mass * Non-Conformist - Committing the body to God's safe keeping until the return Of Christ. * All Christians will accept cremation or burial. Judaism * Only 1 mention of Judgement (Daniel 12:2) * All accountable for our sins - heaven or hell * Hell is not a place of eternal torment. Soul is cleansed then goes to heaven * Do believe in the resurrection of the dead. Body & soul * Chevra Kadisha (Holy fellowship) - a group of volunteers who stay with & look after the body till burial. This job is a great honour. A voluntary act of love (no reward) Funeral * Take place as soon as possible (24 hrs) * Orthodox Jews = buried. Reform Jews = cremation * Eulogy from rabbi, Psalms are chanted & Kaddish prayer is said * Coffin is lowered, family throw earth on top followed by mourners. This encourages people to focus on life * Series of stages of Jewish mourning. If lost a parent = 12 months. Light a candle at home every year on anniversary. Erect grave stone / stained glass window in the synagogue Questions ...read more.

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