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Hindu marriage ceremony

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MARRIAGE CEREMONIES 1. HINDUISM - ARRANGED MARRIAGES, RAMA AND SITA, THE WEDDING Arranged marriages Many Hindus follow the traditional custom of arranged marriages. Parents believe that it is their Dharma to find a suitable marriage partner. They take into account: - caste - horoscope - occupation In arranged marriages, the couple see each other for the first time. In assisted marriages, the parents still help to choose a marriage partner, but the child is more involved. Also the child and the partner see and get to know each other before the wedding. These marriages are good because the parents are likely to know their child well as well as the partner's family. These marriages are bad because the child may want to marry someone else and may not like the family. ...read more.


His brother came with him as well - One day Sita asked for a deer from Rama. Rama needed Lakshman's help, so Lakshman drew a circle of protection around Sita and went. - After a while a beggar came and asked Sita for some water. As it was her duty, she stepped out of the circle to give some water to the beggar. The beggar showed he was Ravana and took Sita to Lanka. - Hunuman and Jatayu the eagle helped find Sita and after a long battle Sita was rescued and Ravana was destroyed. - Rama and Sita came home as the new King and Queen. Sita stepped through a circle of fire to prove she was still loyal to her husband. ...read more.


Father of the bride places his hand the hand of the groom 3. Gifts are exchanged 4. sacred fire is prepared 5. The bride are groom wear coloured paste 6. The bride may wear a tilak to show she is married from then on. 7. The priest says prayers and the bride and groom repeat them 8. Offerings of ghee and grains are placed into the fire. 9. The bride and groom are joined with a knot to show they are united. 10. They take the seven steps - strength, health, happiness, children, enjoyment of pleasures. 11. They give each other a sweet to represent the sweetness of the union. Symbols are - Sweets - union Fire - Agni Sacred knot - joined together Sindoor - only bride Tilak - married from then on Jewellery - perfect wife 7 steps - prayers for good marriage ...read more.

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