Mohammed Panchbhaya

                                              Homelessness in U.K.



 Poverty and homelessness has been around the world for hundreds or even thousands of years. Even in the most isolated places, no matter what continent there will be poverty either in America, Europe, Asia or Africa the only difference is more, or less looking at the economy of that particular country. In the United Kingdom, homelessness is one of the largest concerns. During the late thirties and early fourties, poverty was a big concern especially with the world on the brink of world war two. Most people were out of jobs and did not have homes or shelters to live in. They had to live on the streets or at sanctuary camps.


 Housing and shelters would be always filled with needy people who needed a roof over their heads. Since then over 60 years have past by but homelessness and poverty has not changed very much as it should have for a lot of people. The conditions of the homeless in U.K. today are similar to the conditions that people had in the war torn country 60 odd years ago.  While drugs and guns are the most common things that lead to homelessness today, poverty remains an uncontrolled problem that has only seen continued growth throughout the course of time.

Today the poor continue to work hard for an insufficient sum of money. While most of the low income people have jobs, their wages are too little to support their family as well as their own personal needs. Similarly in the 30s and 40s a full time job, in some cases, failed to meet the needs of the poor and it continues to remain insufficient for the poor in this modern time period. An exact day of labour only resulted in a few pounds.  Despite the improvements in the workplace and increased wages, many people continue to live in astonishing conditions of poverty. Of course some of the homeless people are not homeless because they are being paid very little but, it’s because they have the habit of taking high class very expensive drugs which at the end of the day lead them towards bankruptcy and homelessness.

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Most of the homeless people now usually beg on the streets. Although it does not seem hard for people to beg in the streets, there are many regulations in England that complicate these matters, most beggars tend to beg in cities and town centres where the local council always tend to throw them away or even arrest them in some cases. These regulations decrease the overall earnings of the beggars.  Despite the humiliating circumstances involved in begging, many people have no choice but to abandon their pride in hopes of receiving some spare change or some food and most ...

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