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How do the teachings of Jesus from Marks Gospel affect the lives of Christians today on Sundays?

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Ao2 Georgia Wright 10A How do the teachings of Jesus from Marks Gospel affect the lives of Christians today on Sundays? Today Christians should try and behave like Jesus use to on the Sabbath. We know that Jesus went to the synagogue on the Sabbath, he would pray, worship, heal and then spend time with his friends and family. Today Catholics worship on Sunday by going to church for mass and then spending time doing what they want after. In the mass prayers are said, we pray for the sick in our community and for those sickly in the world. We ask Jesus to heal them, just like he healed people in the gospel. Hymns are sung, readings from the bible are read and communion is taken. ...read more.


Some Christians use ordinary bread for communion, symbolizing the idea that Jesus takes our offerings of ordinary things and changes them into something wonderful, where as other denominations use unleavened bread like Jesus would of at the last supper. Some Christians go to church like they should every Sunday, because they feel obliged to, others don't go church every week as they have there own reasons like not having time due to work or football. The number of people going to church on a Sunday has dropped dramatically in the last 50 years; shops being open on Sunday's have not help. Some Christians think that all shops should close on Sunday and there is a campaign called "Keep Sunday Special". Jesus would heal on the Sabbath, doctors do the same, some people say it not ok for them to work on the Sabbath, but I think ...read more.


Jesus means that you don't have to keep to the rules of the Sabbath as they are made by us, not by God or by the Sabbath, so if it means working or healing then do it if it is necessary. I think that Jesus would not be angry if single mothers or doctors went to work on a Sunday as they are needed to work, because of money problems or healing the sick. However, if people just work to earn extra money that they don't really need then this may not be a good thing because they are deliberately choosing to neglect God and their family. The majority of Christians spend their Sunday going to church in the morning and then going home and spending the day together, enjoying a meal or just having time together, it is still a day of rest for most Christians. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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