How important was the foundation of the Spanish Inquisition?

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How important was the foundation of the Spanish Inquisition?

    There had been an Inquisition in Spain before in 13th Century Aragon, and was used for the detection, trial and punishment of heresy, but it had become redundant. So it wasn’t really founded during Isabella and Ferdinand’s reign, only reintroduced. However, this reintroduction was very important as it paved the way for a lot of changes within their Spain.

    The main reason for the reintroduction was because of the perceived growing threat of conversos. Because of some wealthy conversos, it meant they were in powerful positions. Pious Isabella also swore that there was a plot by them, and was convinced that they had no loyalty and were capable of treachery, and this led to a concern over the number of conversions that were taking place.

    It was introduced in Castile in 1478 and Aragon in 1484, and was under the monarchs’ control. It took a hard line and the Inquisition gained itself a reputation as something to be feared, and rightly so because between 1483 and 1495, burned around 2000 conversos as heretics.

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    This happened at auto de fe’s whose purpose was to act as ‘burning festivals’, “ since the fire is lit it will burn until… not one of those who judaized is left”. The Inquisition used them as warnings to others.

    The Inquisition became a vital institution, and was extended because up to 1495, there were 15 regional tribunals set up throughout Spain. They had a general council, “Suprema” which was set up to coordinate and control operations in both Castile and Aragon. It united the crowns in “pursuit of common religious objectives”, which was probably the ...

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