How To Be Wed Properly In The Punjabi Tradition

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How To Be Wed Properly In The Punjabi Tradition

        From the time they are little, girls dream about one day being a bride.

Regardless of the culture girls are excited about dressing up, and looking

beautiful for their handsome “Prince Charming”. This is certainly true for

girls in the Punjabi culture. In the East-Indian Tradition there is a special

sequence of ceremonial events.


First, in modern times the couple announces their engagement.

Everyone is delighted and a party takes place. At the engagement party, the

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bride’s parents give the groom’s parents a Shagan, a gift of money. During

the ceremonial party the families exchange other gifts. The bride’s mother

presents the groom with a silver platter, Thaal, covered with symbols of the

Sikh faith: sweets, saffron, and flowers. As well he receives some gold

jewelry. At this point the bride and groom exchange rings of promise, now

the couple are officially engaged. The next day the families invite a Guru to

come and set the date of the wedding, according to the ...

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