I shall be analysing different teachings from different religions on wealth and Poverty, which are the Christian, and Islamic teachings

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Religious Teachings on Wealth and Poverty

In this coursework, I shall be analysing different teachings from different religions on wealth and Poverty, which are the Christian, and Islamic teachings. Both religions believe that wealth and riches should be used for the good and Prosperity of the Poor.

a) (i)  Outline Christian teaching, and the teaching of ONE other religion on wealth and poverty 

Christian teachings on wealth and Poverty


   In this part of my coursework, I will be explaining the teachings of Christianity and their beliefs concerning wealth. Christians believe that wealth is a reward and Gift from God which should be used in productive ways. Christians believe that wealth on its own is not bad but can be used to do good.

   Christians believe that wealth must be made legally and morally and wealth is not for them only. Jesus said that wealthy People are more likely to be led away from Righteousness. Jesus himself does not mind poor people as long as their soul is Pure.

   A way in which Jesus taught the multitude that wealth on earth is unnecessary but life in heaven is essential can be seen in Matthew 6:19:20, which quotes Do not store up riches for yourself…..” Jesus is saying that riches are not necessary on earth but life in heaven is a number one priority and that to get to heaven their souls must be pure.

   Another teaching that God wants the money to be used decently is in Luke 16:19-31, which it is about the rich man and the poor man. “….the rich man and a Poor man….” He was treated badly by the rich man and when they both died, the poor man went to Heaven (eternity) while the rich man went to Hell where his soul perished. God is telling us that riches with a clean life are worthless but a poor man with riches is more important.

   In the bible, People with riches are likely to fall into temptation can be seen in 1 Timothy 6.6-10 which states But godliness and Contentment is great gain….” it is telling people that a man with riches but goes to hell is a loss but a sinless life is more worth it without riches.

   Similarly, Jesus expects people to care for the poor and the needy. This can be seen in Matthew 19:16:22 which is “…Sell all your Properties…”. Jesus Christ was telling a rich man to sell all his properties, give the money to the needy, follow Jesus and to keep his ten commandments to gain eternal life.

   Christians Generally believe that the love of money is the root to all evil and that money is not bad on its own but the desire to have money is bad and can be used to do evil.

Islamic teachings on wealth and Poverty

 In this Section of my Coursework, I shall be analysing the teachings of Islam and its belief concerning wealth. Islam considers wealth as a gift by Allah and it should be distributed. Islam believes the wealthy has a big responsibility towards the Poor.

   Muslims believe they must meet their family needs and their needs by providing money but the riches made must be gained legally and lawfully.However they should aim to lead a modest and simple life and not indulge in luscine.  It is not for themselves and should not be used to kill, gamble e.t.c but for the needy and poor only.

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   The Qua’ran preaches that a man cannot value wealth more than Allah. This can be seen in Surah 3.14, which states, “A Muslim must not make wealth a more important thing than Allah”. It is teaching us that wealth is not as important as people take it to be but life in eternity is number one goal.

  Muslims also believe that being a rich person does not make heaven a certainity but a person with clean and pure soul is more important. This can be found in Hadith, which tells us Richness does not lie in abundance of worldly ...

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