If Christianity is right, all the other religions must be wrong. Discuss this statement.

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‘If Christianity is right, all the other religions must be wrong’. Discuss this statement.

The question of whether Christianity is the only true religion is an important one, especially in the multi-faith and diverse world we live in. There is on-going conflict between the predominantly Christian west and the Muslims in the Middle East, and each uses faith as an excuse to carry out some devastating acts, including terrorist attacks. This raises the question whether Christianity is compatible with other religions and if so, can all religions be right as well.

Fundamentalist Christians are exclusivist which means that they believe that Christianity is the only way to salvation and all other religions are wrong and are false teachings. They use textual evidence from the Bible, “those who praise God will be saved and those who don’t will be condemned” to back up their view. Some very fundamentalist Christians will also argue that only their branch within Christianity is the truth and so would also be against ecumenism. I think that this is a narrow minded view as it seems unfair to be condemned to Hell if you live in a part of the world where it is either not acceptable to be Christian or where you have not come across Christianity. There are also some parallels between religions.
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Conservative Christians will also be exclusivist as they believe that Christianity is still the only way to salvation and for this reason they will try to evangelise and convert others to the one true religion. However, this belief is not as strongly held as Fundamentalists who would consider it blasphemous to agree with aspects from other religions. I believe that this is a better approach to have as it is more inclusive but still it does not allow for the so-called ‘Anonymous Christian’.

Liberal Christians, although they believe that a Christian God is still doing the saving ...

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