"If we need to kill animals for research we should".

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R.E Buddhism Coursework – Part C

“If we need to kill animals for research we should”.

Some people would disagree with this statement, especially Buddhists as every year; thousands of animals experience great suffering in the name of research. It could be argued that a tiny handful of these experiments have indeed benefited mankind. But there are countless thousands of instances of humans bringing needless suffering to innocent animals. For example, many cosmetic products and household chemicals are tested for safety for humans using procedures such as the infamous Draize test. In this test, the substance under investigation is put into the eye of a live, healthy rabbit, and left there. The degree to which the eye deteriorates is noted by the researcher, and this data is used to determine how safe the product is for humans to use.

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Some people do not understand that animals, like humans, are sentient beings. Animals do feel pain.
There are many reasons why research on animals should not be carried out, for example an animal’s response to a drug may be misleading as animals react differently to some drugs than humans do. Also the stress that an animal can endure whilst in a laboratory can affect the experiment and make the results meaningless.
If Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is true then it means that animals are our ancestors and we have no right to kill them.

We have a very advanced scientific ...

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