In this coursework I am going to talk about a Christian place of pilgrimage.

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Pilgrimage is a journey to a distant sacred goal, it is found in all the great religions of the world. It is a journey both outwards to places and for spiritual improvement. It can express past evils or the search for a good future. The pilgrim may pursue spiritual need in the sacred sites of a particular faith or seek a miracle through God or a saint. Throughout the world pilgrims move invisibly in huge numbers among the tourists of today.

One way to fully experience the sacredness of the universe is to become a pilgrim.  Since the past time people have sought out places of revelation in the landscape, on holy mountains, by curative springs, at oracular caverns and the shrines of saints.

Pilgrimage is currently a popular term used to refer to almost any excursion to a place that has special meaning.

The ritual is different for each religion. But generally people seek out the holy places important to them, perform rituals, and pray for themselves, others, or situations. What pilgrims do at the shrines is sit and meditates on the saints. Pilgrims pray to feel their presence, open our hearts, and receive their sacred love. In this way they directly experience love.

Pilgrimage is one way to search for the deeper meaning and purpose in our lives and to try and get a deeper and spiritual understanding of god. Through pilgrimage the spirit is renewed and the general outlook becomes uplifted. Changing the way we look at everyday life. By visiting sacred sites pilgrims are able to express themselves in powerful ways and have a direct personal experience of holiness. This experience is the power of pilgrimage and why it is important in religions


In this coursework I am going to talk about a Christian place of pilgrimage. The pilgrimage place which I will be discussing is about the holy land, via delo rosa and will mention various places of pilgrimage. I will give an insight of how it would feel like going on pilgrimage and say what pilgrims get out of going on pilgrimage. After this I will discuss why pilgrims go on pilgrimage and what effects it may have on a pilgrim’s life.

The final part of the coursework will consist of my own on opinions and I will answer the viewpoint question ‘There are more important things for Christians to do than go on pilgrimage Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view.

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