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In this essay I will be answering this question on whether or not prejudice is the source of the worlds problems. Prejudice comes from the word judging.

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Is prejudice the source of the World's problems?' 'Is prejudice the source of the world's problems'. In this essay I will be answering this question on whether or not prejudice is the source of the world's problems. Prejudice comes from the word judging. "Pre" is a prefix or a part of a word that means "before." So, if you're prejudiced, you're prejudging without knowing the facts. You can be prejudiced about anything: people, places, things. You can be prejudiced about a whole race of people, ethnic or religious groups, or countries. You can be prejudiced against food. For example you can say, "I hate broccoli," without even tasting it. Prejudice is a negative feeling; you think negatively about whatever you feel prejudice for. An intelligent person learns the facts before making judgments. Prejudice is the unfavorable thought but what links on to prejudice, is the act of Discrimination. Discrimination is unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice. If you are discriminating against something you are treating them differently. Discrimination can be about: people, places religion, ethnicity etc....etc There are many forms of prejudice and discrimination; the two main forms of discrimination and prejudice are Individual discrimination and prejudice: the harmful action is done by one person or a small group; and Institutional discrimination and prejudice: the harmful action is a stable, ongoing part of society. ...read more.


During both the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the n**i regime many were killed and tortured and were forced to work till death called them. In both of the events segregation occurred in society due to their ethnic and racial differences. Prejudice and discrimination are harmful behaviours that limit the opportunities of certain groups of people by reducing or withholding access to people defined as inferior and by increasing or extending access to people defined as superior. The benefits of prejudice and discrimination are: approval and popularity, rights and privileges, power, knowledge, employment and promotion. Prejudice and discrimination also leave people open to a variety of social risks including: victimization (violence, abuse, theft and bullying), suspicion (blame or assumed guilt for crimes and harmful actions), rejection, alienation and isolation (which all can lead to low self-esteem, self-hatred and self-destruction), exploitation and oppression One of the worst things about prejudices is that over time people may come to believe what they hear and may start to believe that they are superior/inferior. This can lead to: emotional suffering reduced self-esteem, sense of futility or lack of control, blaming victims, losing hope in the future, fear/mistrust of others and lack of respect for authority. ...read more.


As well as that, we wouldn't have had events in history to learn from and research on but also this means that if we did not have the holocaust maybe we would have had some very talented people and leaders in history. I believe the world has not learnt its lesson if it had the world would be totally different and we would not have so many race based gangs and communists such as the British National Party who believe only whites should be in Britain and no one else. Therefore, In conclusion, I believe that prejudice is the source of the world's problems because many other bad influences come of it. I think prejudice and discrimination is like the tree trunk and the leaves and branches are things like violence, abuse, theft and bullying. I can try and stop prejudice and discrimination by doing little things like not laughing or making fun of someone because they are different or do something differently to me and stopping someone doing it because then the victim is unlikely to do it to someone else in anger that someone did it to them. Therefore, prejudice is the source of the worlds problems. Shreya Mehta 9A/9LL Philosophy and Ethics 22/02/2010 ...read more.

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