In Thomas Hardy's short story, 'Old Mrs Chundle', the Curate is a well-respected, well-mannered and considerate man.

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In Thomas Hardy’s short story, ‘Old Mrs Chundle’, the Curate is a well-respected, well-mannered and considerate man.  He is determined to spread the word of God to Mrs Chundle.  Mrs Chundle is also a considerate woman.  She does not regularly visit the church and lives alone in South Wales.

At the beginning of the story, the Curate asks for some lunch from Mrs Chundle.  At first Mrs Chundle did not hear the Curate, so he has to repeat what he asked earlier.  The Curate is an open man; he is not ashamed of asking food from others and is willing to dine with an old woman.  This shows that the Curate is a friendly man and he does not judge people.

The Curate strikes up a friendly conversation, which eventually leads to Mrs Chundle lying about visiting the church once a week.  Due to this, the Curate thinks he and Mrs Chundle have something in common as ho belongs in the same church, which Mrs Chundle lied about.  He hopes to see Mrs Chundle again which shows that the curate has become quite friendly with her and also shows that he is a pleasant man.  When the Curate is talking to his rector, he finds out about the lie Mrs Chundle told.  His view of Mrs Chundle changes for a short while.  He now thinks of her as a wicked woman.

In Eudor Welty’s short story, ‘A Visit Of Charity’, Marian is a typical 14-year-old teenager.  She is a campfire girl trying to gain a few points by visiting old ladies in an ‘Old Ladies Home’.

At the beginning of the story, Marian, holding a potted plant, jumps off the bus, stops for a moment besides a prickly dark shrub and then proceeds towards the Old Ladies Home.  She says to the nurse at the desk, ‘I’m a Campfire girl… I have to pay a visit to some old lady’.  She uses the term ‘some old lady’.  This shows that Marian is disrespectful to old people and is not bothered whom she visits, as long as she gets her points.

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When asked which old lady she had to visit, Marian answered, ‘any of them will do’.  This again shows that Marian only wanted to visit old ladies for a few points. Behind on of the doors, an old lady coughed, which to Marian seemed like a sheep bleating.  Marian refers to old ladies as sheep.

She describes the old ladies room as crowded and dark.  She thought the whole room smelt wet.  Marian felt she was caught in a robbers cave.  She now refers to the old ladies as robbers the first old lady is very kind and welcoming, whilst ...

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