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infertility essay

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Explain why Christians might have different views about infertility treatment. When discussing the infertility treatment Christians will prioritize God's wish for human beings to have children and multiply. The first command God gave humans in The Bible was 'Go forth and multiply.' Many Christians, however, believe that God gives and takes away lives, 'There is no God besides me: I kill and I make alive'. All Christians recognise that childlessness makes people unhappy but there is disagreement as to what types of treatment are morally acceptable for Christians. Some Christians believe that overcoming infertility should always be encouraged as it brings happiness to those who otherwise wouldn't have a child. These Christians point out that all life comes from God and therefore creating new life in the form of babies conceived from infertility treatment has to be good and what God would want. ...read more.


The Roman Catholic Church does not believe that having a baby is a God-given right that we can demand. In 1990, the Church summarised its position clearly: "Life is God's gift and we do not have a right to children." So although, God wants to bless people with children, it is not something we can demand. Many Christians believe that the human life is sacred and this should be respected whenever decisions are made about the beginnings of new human life." The Roman Catholic Truth Society has said that, "The human embryo has the right to proper respect. 'Test tube babies' are real babies not simple embryos to be manipulated, frozen or left to die.... Human beings are not be treated as a means to an end" The Catholic Church is very clear that life begins at the moment of conception. ...read more.


Many Christians may also object to the use of eggs or sperm from anonymous donors, because they might think this is similar to adultery, "Do not commit adultery". Many Christians may also object to fertility treatment being made available for people who are not married as they believe stable family is extremely important for a child, "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh." However, many can object this statement, by saying that it does not create any difference for a child if his parents are married or not, if they are homosexuals or not, because the family is about the love, and they are all capable of showing this emotion. Most Christians would put themselves between these two extremes. Each Christian would do something that is morally right for them, the will look at what is involved in the procedures and make the decisions, based on their beliefs. ...read more.

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