Is America Violent?


America is a violent nation.  Many people think that America is full of freedom and democracy.  Do these people actually see what happens in America?  Do they see the violence in schools, the crime in our society?  Most likely, no, these people have loosely seen our society, the violence and the frauds that plague America’s history as well as the present.  The short essay Violence in America demonstrates all violence in this country.  Teddy Bears show how the public feels about guns and how they are used.

In the Teddy Bears poster, guns are displayed as objects that are not regulated by laws.  The toys are tested for hazardous parts, sharp edges, and anything else that would harm the consumer.  With a gun as the weapon, the majority of crime and violence often results in death to the victim.  Most guns used for these purposes are unregistered.  The public as well as the government wants gun owners to have background checks before they buy a new gun.  These safety inspections help to keep guns out of the hands of ex-criminals, psychotic patients, and other people with questionable backgrounds.  The government believes that this will work for solving gun problems; in actuality, it does not help that much at all.  Violence in America with guns has increased dramatically.  In fact, the homicide rate is the highest in the world.

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In Violence of America, the author shows that there is violence everywhere we look.  From the cities to the countries, there are acts of violence that separate individuals from others.  Through America’s history, there have been acts of violence that either have changed the eyes of the citizens or were not recognized at all.  Even from the earliest years in America’s history, violence between minorities and majorities was the common place in the cities.  In the early 1800’s, when many immigrants came over from other countries, violence against the natives increased dramatically.  America being the young nation it was could ...

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