Is it ever justifiable to kill someone?

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Is it ever justifiable to kill someone?

        In this essay I am going to explore the question- is it ever justifiable to kill someone? This is a very controversial issue as many people have different viewpoints. Some people think that killing, for whatever reason is wrong. Some people think that killing is never wrong, and some think that it is justifiable to kill someone in certain situations.

        For example, in December 2000, there was a case of two conjoined twins, who were conjoined at the lower abdomen but were capable of lying flat on their back. At first glance they appeared as if they were one single trunk with a head and limbs at both ends. Although their spines were fused, their legs were independently formed and criss-crossed each other. At birth, Jodie was active and breathing voluntarily with a good heart and chest movement and moving all four limbs. In Mary's case, there was a minimal response from the cardiopulmonary system before it failed.

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The medical team soon realised that Mary's heart and lungs were so poorly developed that she was totally dependent on Jodie for oxygen and blood circulation. In other words, she could not exist without Jodie.

While Jodie's system did collapse from blood poisoning shortly after birth, her heart and lungs were reported to be later fully functioning - giving the doctors hope that she could be saved. She was also said to have the same mental awareness as other newborn children. However, Mary's mental state was unclear. During evidence given in the initial court hearings, doctors said that she was ...

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