Is the Devil a fictional character?

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RS: Devil Assessment

The Devil in the bible is a very debatable subject, and over the years has caused a lot of controversy. Focusing on the Temptations of Jesus, there are a number of different viewpoints towards the devil.

In Matthew 4:1-11, it says that Jesus was lead into the desert for 40 days and nights by the Holy Spirit, who had just come down unto him in his previous baptising, fasted and was tempted thrice by the devil. Once, by telling him to feed the poor by turning stones into loaves of bread, second by daring him to jump off a pinnacle of a temple, and if he really truly was the Son of God he would be saved from death by angels. Lastly, the devil took Jesus upon an exceedingly high mountain, a mountain that showed him the whole world, and he tempted Jesus with power, and if he worshipped the devil, there and now, he would give Jesus power over the whole world. Jesus resisted the temptations.

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If you were to take these words in Matthew literally, you could say that the whole scenario isn’t true because in the third temptation, Jesus was taken by the Devil to the top of a very high mountain, and from Jesus and the Devil could see the world from its peak. This is impossible as there is no mountain tall enough to see the whole world, and seeing as the earth is spherical you would not be able to see the whole world in all its glory at the same time. Christians could argue that this sentence is just symbolic, ...

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