G.C.S.E Coursework

Is violence really the answer?

“Sometimes violence is the only way to overcome a difficult situation”.

Do you agree? In your answer, show that you have thought about more than one point of view.

Some Christians believe that violence isn’t the answer and that it shouldn’t be used in any situation. They believe that there are other ways to solve problems. Jesus avoided using violence when he was being arrested. He told one of his disciples to put down his sword. I think that Jesus wanted to prove to the soldiers that he was a peaceful man no matter what they thought. He wanted to show them that he didn’t want to cause any trouble. Christians say that Jesus could have defended himself but he showed that he meant what he preached and we should follow in his footsteps.

Helder Camara was the Archbishop of Olinda and Recife. The people suffered terribly but Camara didn’t use violence to help them. He supported the Gospel message ‘non- violent action.’ Camara said himself: “to take non- violence action, is to believe more firmly in the truth, in justice and in love, than in the power of falsehood injustice and hatred.” If Camara can help a country to become a better place with out using violence then some Christians say that we should resist the temptation of abusing someone to get your own way.

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Another person who helped civilisation, by helping white people and black people become one, was Martin Luther King. He showed that everybody is equal no matter how different they look. He didn’t arrange a big army of black people to kill a population of white people did he? No, in fact it was the very opposite.  He preached a peaceful message. He joined black people in freedom marches. He led a bus boycott. Because of this he was sent to jail and his house was bombed. The Montgomery boycott was a clear victory for non- violent protest. “This note was ...

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