Issue of arranged marriages Sikhism

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Issue of arranged marriages – Sikhism

Arranged marriage is a practice whereby two families decide if a couple within their household should marry each other. It is practiced commonly throughout South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It is also practiced to a lesser extent in Southeast Asia and East Asia. During arranged marriage, it is usually the parents or an older family member who decided on the marriage of a couple and acts as a matchmaker.

There is a lot of worldwide controversy regarding arranged marriages; such controversies are caused by issues during the process of arranged marriages such as an involuntary forced marriage. Alongside this, a forced mismatch could be possible during arranged marriages if the arranger were to arrange a marriage for his or her own benefit.

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Despite its controversy, many religions still practice arranged marriage. A major world religion which still practisesthis is Sikhism. Sikhs believe that when a girl is mature enough, it is a parent’s responsibility to find a match for her. They believe that marriage is a holy union between two souls and are united as one. Because of this tradition and belief, Sikh’s agree that there is nothing wrong and immoral with arranged marriage but is seen as a sacred and holy ceremony.

However, in Sikh marriages, it is impossible to divorce a partner because of the fact that when two people ...

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