"It's my life and I can do what I want"

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“It’s my life and I can do what I want”

There are two sides to this statement. On one hand a Christian could say it is his or her life and they should be able to make their own choices. Humans have free will and they are responsible for the choices they make whether they are good or bad. Since they are Christian they have the grace of the Holy Spirit given by god to make good moral choices, this means that god will help you decide what to do. Christians have Jesus as an example of what to live like and people are often persecuted for their beliefs in our society. Our society can put pressure on young Christians and use peer pressure to make them go againsed gods will. We might be pressured into sexual relationships before marriage, contraception or abortions.

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On the other hand Christians do not have the right to always do what they want in life. Christians become part of the body of Christ at their baptism; if they were going to have an abortion their choice would affect people such as their families and friends. Christians have a duty to respect their bodies because they are they are the temple of the Holy Spirit, “food for the stomach, and stomach for the food”(Matthew 5) this means to do things in moderation and not to abuse your body with issues regarding drugs, alcohol and sex immorality. Christians have ...

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