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Life begins at conception. Do you agree?

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LIFE BEGINS AT CONTRACEPTION. DO YOU AGREE? 'Life begins at contraception,' is an interesting statement as different people depending partly on their religion believes different things. Some people faithfully and truly agree with this it others disagree and feel extremely strongly against it. Catholics would certainly agree with this statement as they feel that that life is a gift from God and that every possible chance of life should be sincerely treasured. Life beginning at contraception would be thought as 100% accurate as they probably think that it is a 'spark of life,' and without contraception even happening there would be no child in the long run. Catholics think that just because fetuses can not communicate and move properly does not mean that they have not started there life as a proper human being. ...read more.


Overall I can see why some people agree with this statement as there are lots of reasons making it seem a good option to choose. Although many people believe that life starts at contraception many believe that it starts at a different moment and therefore think the complete opposite. They disagree with the statement and may feel that life possibly begins where the brain starts to properly function and therefore the fetus can move, suck its thumb and in some cases even hold its own umbilical cord. I can certainly also see the why this is as many people do not think that just because there is a small zygote/embryo that there is a new 'life'. ...read more.


Each argument has strong reasons to and for it but overall I feel that I do agree with the statement 'Life begins at contraception.' From the reasons shown above I definitely think that there is no other explanations because if a baby was alive one day what about the day before that etc. Feeling this way about when life does/does not begin leads you on to the issue of abortion and when that is appropriate and how far through the pregnancy. I you think that life begins at contraception then surly abortion is wrong but being a relative moralist I feel that abortion is alright under certain circumstances. Overall the matter is a tricky one and whatever you decide to agree with will lead you on to another matter but overall I definitely feel that I agree with the statement. By Clare Bartholomew ...read more.

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